Inverter VS Traditional Generators

Inverter generators are a technology that makes it possible to reduce the size and weight of generators while still maintaining the same power and reliability. It also makes it possible to produce generators that are more fuel efficient and kinder to the environment because they give the generator the ability

Inverter generators have many advantages over their traditional gas cousins. Automatic digital controls vary the generator’s engine speed to match the load requirements. This results in superior engine performance and power management. Inverter generators are up to 40% more efficient than conventional generators. This is because conventional models must run at a full 3600 RPMs in order to function where an inverter can adjust its speed in order to give even power

Conventional gas generators must run constantly at 3,600 RPM or regardless of load. Because an inverter generator can vary its RPM based on power requirements – it will run longer and use less fuel while having a much lower DBA sound rating. An inverter generator works by converting the fuel into AC current, then converted to DC current, and then back again into AC current to supply the fuel output of the generator. Inverter generators designed to only provide the precise amount of energy that is required at the moment of operation are a type of generator that burns a regular type of fuel, but they are much more efficient at converting the fuel into electricity. This inversion process is where the Inverter generators get their name from, and this process is supposed to produce a more efficient type of energy. Inverter generator set is a new model but is becoming more famous. Its engine frequently varies the speed to equal the needed load, not similar to usual generator that runs at regular speed. This generator is economical since it has the capacity to adjust and produce what is needed only and it makes less noise compared to other generators and also fuel efficient and environmentally pleasant and friendly.

The inverter generator is more or less like the traditional generator but it uses a different type of alternator. They constitute of an engine that would run at an adjustable speed in accordance with the load. In these machines the engine converts the AC or alternating current into DC or direct current by a rectifier. The DC power is inverted back to AC power. These machines execute the functions of both with a higher efficiency. Comparatively, the flow of energy is smooth and stable. The steady regulations make the machine more fuel efficient as the system uses the least amount of fuel.

Because inverter generators are built to be more quiet and portable, the maximum output you can find is often a bit limited. Inverter generators are typyically more expensive than comparable traditional portable generators.

The power output of this inverter generator is a pure sine wave and can easily be used for electronic equipment like computer, laptops, television and micro oven. These generators are mainly useful to caravan and motor home users who need power while they are away from an electrical point or while them are outdoors. This brands offer some portable generators which can easily be carried to different places to provide power supply. The generators are elegantly designed giving it a strong and sturdy look.

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