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Having a quality, reliable flashlight on hand is a cornerstone for being prepared when the power goes out – or even when you are camping and need a bright light to see something in the dark.  This is where the Tactical Torch Flashlight comes in as likely the top rated brightest compact flashlights in the world.

Powerful enough to be seen from over five nautical miles away, the ultra bright 800 lumens LED bulb is rated for over a 100,000 hours.   The flashlight uses 3 AAA batteries to provide lasting power to the unit.

The Tactical Torch Flashlight is a military grade device made out of aircraft aluminum and is virtually indestructible and the device meets all of the standard requirements for top grade tactical flashlight and will hold up to the most strenuous environments while still remaining light enough to now weigh down your pack or pocket.

Multi Mode Features

The Tactical Torch has five variable modes all easily selected from the top of the flashlight.

  • High – maximum power and maximum brightness.
  • Medium – more effective for closer viewing and night time use in a campground etc.
  • Low – reduced brightness for inside spaces or reading
  • SOS – Automatic Morse code signaling that can be seen easily day or night by rescue aircraft and search parties from miles away.
  • Strobe – Effective for disabling a potential attacker or creating a beacon for others to see.

Waterproof to 30 meters. 

The Tactical Torch Flashlight is completely waterproof and can be used underwater.

Multiple Lens Focus Points.

The Tactical Torch Flashlight features a telescopic lens focus that allows users to focus the torch to either X250, X500, X1000 or X2000 zoom.   This is similar to a water hose gun that allows you to either focus the light or spread it over a wider area and is  ideal for illuminating targets in a variety of scenarios such as hunting or combat situations.

Limited Time Offer.

As a special bonus to our members and followers, you can order this flashlight for a limited time through our page sponsor for free and are required to just pay shipping to your State which ranges from $4 to $10 depending on your location.   All orders are send via the USPS and tracking numbers are provided.

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