The 200 Watt Solar Powered Portable Generator System

When it comes to solar powered battery generators – technology has come a long way in the past few years thanks to significant advances in storage capacity of the battery cells as well as far more efficient solar panels that provide fast charging from solar power.   A popular example of a portable battery powered solar generator is the PowerFlash 200 Watt solar powered generator we have begun distributing through this website and is the first device we have put our name and reputation behind.   The unit provides up to 250 watts of clean surge free sine power for up to 6 hours at 90% capacity and is one of the few units on the market that comes with an included solar charging panel.

Solar generators have also become far more popular in 2021 thanks to a world wide shortage of gas generators.   While many manufacturer’s have been able to keep up with the supply of battery powered energy systems – shipping logistics, a shortage of internal computer components and plant closures in China have lead to the extreme shortage of traditional gas or diesel driven generators.  This problem has been compounded by the extreme weather changes and hurricanes that are knocking out power grids across the United States and other regions of the world.

The PowerFlash 200 Watt Generator is available through our store front located here. 

The Advantages of Battery and Solar Power Generators.  

The obvious advantage of solar powered generators is that they require no gasoline to run and can be charged by the sun.   This provides the ability to have power on demand where this none available such as when camping in the backwoods or where there is no power supply.   Use the generator at night – charge it during the day and you’re set.

The other significant advantage is that in a potential disaster situation or when power has been knocked out by a storm – and there is limited supplies of gasoline on hand – those who own a battery generator charged by the sun will continue to have power regardless of fuel shortages.

The main drawback of battery powered generators is that most transportable models are not able to produce continuous larges sources of power over an extended period.   Many compact battery power packs are only suitable to power low powered devices such as laptops, fans and lights for an extended period.

With the 200 Watt Solar Powered Portable Generator System, it features an impressive 6 hours of battery capacity at near full draw combined with an estimated life cycle of 800 plus charges.  This means you could run the unit every day for 800 days – or two and half years before the batteries lost their function.

The device can charge from standard household electricity, as well as any car / truck cigarette socket or through the included folding 50 watt solar panel.

The unit provides multiple plugin options for your devices including two 110 plugins as well as 3 USB plugs for computer devices.

Features of the PowerFlash 200 

  • Battery: Lithium-ion Battery
  • Capacity: 151Wh
  • DC Input: 15V/2.5A
  • AC Output: 200W Rated,250W Peak Power
  • DC Outputs: 9~12V/ 10A (Max)
  • USB Outputs (3): 2*QC 3.0, 1*Auto 5V/ 2.4A
  • Product Weight: 4.08lb (1.85 kg)
  • Dimensions:8.2×4.3×6.2in(208x110x158mm)


  • AC output: 110V/50HZ/200W
  • AC Continuous Output: 200W
  • AC Peak Output: 250W
  • USB Output: QC 3.0 & 5V/ 2.4A
  • DC Output: 9~12.6V/10A (Max) 2*5.5 mm Ports

The PowerFlash Generator retails for the regular price of $369.99 but is available online from our SamCart store for $299.99 plus shipping.  Your order comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 1 year warranty on performance.

Click Here to read more or order the Generator.  


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